in·spi·ra·tion [Inspiration]: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

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My career in the medical industry has been surreal.  I have had the pleasure of being taught and working alongside some of the most brilliant minds, treating the Veterans at the Yale VA Hospital, and currently co-authoring my second publication alongside a group of physicians including doctors associated with the United States Department of Defense. I have been blessed and I am honored to have been invited to assist in such cutting-edge projects.  It has always been a dream of mine to create drawings that in some form would help people.  Never in my wildest imagination did I think that my drawings would create their own existence and cultivate a crowd of fans.  I am humbled, truly.  

I will update this blog as my research and illustrations progress on various projects including the second collection of my Human Anatomy series called The Color of Life, set to release in early October. 

I thank you sincerely for your support, encouragement, inspirational words and stories.  You each stand as testament that every artist, in his soul, needs only inspiration to produce engaging art.  

           -Amin Javid

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